Help Me Re-Condition My Glove

I have an A1000 that is pretty flimsy. It has Ecco Leather and I want it to become stiff again so I can pretty much re-break it in. Just give me some ideas on what I can do. Thanks.

tighten up all the laces

Leather was once a living thing – or part of a living thing.

I’ve heard of this product ECCO leather, but I know little if anything about the commercial grade, purpose, or its utility.

I do know this, when a baseball glove is flimsy, or without body and composition, the hide, (leather), no longer has the properties that the animal’s location. In other words, a hide that makes a glove has to have certain properties to it, in order to function properly as the designer intended.

Take a first baseman’s mitt, for example. Rugged and sturdy to accept the stitching and sections that will compose the heaviest location – thumb and first finger, that accepts pounding after pounder, yet flexible enough to scoop balls out of the dirt when necessary. On the flip side of all that, this mitt is not designed to be an infielder’s glove like the second basemen’s.

If your glove has reached a point in its useful life were it no long functions with the basic design that it was intended, get rid of it. Stow it away for memory sake and prepare for equipment that serves your position.
The fatigue rate of the hide has reached its max. Don’t let that fatigue and loss of utility get passed on to you.

One of the common mistakes of poor glove maintenance is over oiling, leaving a glover out in the rain, not cleaning a glove at season’s end with saddle soap, and not lightly dusting the inside of the glove with talcum powder at the end of every game or heavy use.

Coach B.