Help me out . is my arsinal good?

im 16 years old, jr in high school, about 135lbs, i got the 4seam fast ball, 2 seam fastball, working on a curve, alright circle change, and now i developed the slider, let me know what should i use, and also i throw 3 quarters and ima lefty, i havent been clocked on the fastball, but from what my friends say its pretty fast.

drop the slider don’t throw it until your 17 or 18. Work on your 2 fastballs curve and circle change those will be your best pitches.

If he’s done growing, throw a slider.
if your not, don’t.

Most likely not being 16

You could replace your slider with a cutter. It kinda acts like a slider but is more sharp. Iuse to go outside to righties and inside to lefties.They almost always chase it so it works for me. Give it a try. You never know what happens.

Drop the slider? I’m not too sure about that. The slider, when thrown correctly, is actually easier on the arm and shoulder than just about any other pitch. I was sixteen when I learned to throw it, and in a short while it became my strikeout pitch, the one I could go to. If you’ve been throwing it and haven’t had any problems, I’d say stick with it. :slight_smile: 8)

It’s all about getting outs … however my guideance to young pitchers is to lay off the slider as long as possible (and I say that as a guy that lived off that pitch) . A cutter is a good compromise …

I would say throw a slider only if you can Pronate through it rather than Supinate. At any age supination is a healthy end to a pitch

:? :?: You supinate your arm with a slider and it naturally pronates at the end. There is a very very good clip of K-Rod that shows this. I will try to find it.