Help me Help my 9 Year old Pitcher

I will try to post some pictures and video as time permits but the basic situation is this. He is 9 years old, very accurate throwing 44 to 49 mph with some movement that makes the call move from inside to outside. Inside corner pitches look like the are way inside for right hand batters… I guess I am wondering how best to develop him and is his speed about right for his age for a decent pitcher… He looks to be pitching as fast or faster than most 9 years olds here but I don’t radar them so it is only a guess.

I am looking for a good pitching coach or camp to send him to this summer.
Kid loves the game.


A pitching coach is ol but at his age i would say just buy him a net and let him pitch to it. Practice makes also gives the kid a sense of pride when he gets old because he’s built his skill. atleast thats how i veiw it.

Unless he is having major problems, wait a couple years for coaching. Basically, he should just pick up the target and let it rip at this point. Velocity will come along with size. The main thing that you can do (this is your job) is to protect your son from his coaches. Overuse is one of the only things that will throw a monkeywrench into Juniors development. He should not throw more than 75 pitches in a game, and not more than a few innings a week. He will thank you when he is older.

As far as camps, look around for something fun that he can go to with friends. Some of those camps are pretty boring, especially for a nine year old. Most high school (at least in this area) offer summer camps that leave time for scrimmages, or even time in the swimming pool. Remember, your son just finished his season. Even if he does love the game, he can get burnt out if you dont let him have some time off.

If he asks to go to a camp, or is excited by learning, then definitely get him to a good camp or a few lessons with a respected pitching coach. At his age, I’d look for someone who will teach him the very basics — the things that will keep him balanced, in control, and taking strain off the arm. I would shy away from coaches and clinics that get too complicated and intense, by that’s my opinion; my reasoning is you want a balance between learning and enjoyment, and some of those high-intensity clinics can make a kid think too much, at which point the game becomes a chore.

Let us know when/where you post the video.

Where do you live ?

If he grows at a typical rate and already has decent mechanics you can expect him to gain about 10 mph over the next three years. That would be good for a 12yo LL pitcher but nothing special. On the other hand he could probably add another 3 or 4 mph pretty easily with long toss or weighted balls or mechanics improvements or he might mature early.

We had a slightly above average all-star team for our area and had six 12yo cruising at velocities between 60 and 65. We had 3 or 4 pitchers in the district who could hit 70 or higher but we probably had the strongest LL district in the nation that year. The team that finished third in our district may have been the 3rd or 4th best LL all-star team in the nation that year.

I understand your situation. My son is almost 8-yrs-old and pitches well but I am not a pitcher. He looked good to me but I wanted to be sure his mechanics were good and he wasn’t picking up any bad habbits (or I wasn’t teaching him any). I joined this forum to learn and understand so I can protect my son’s arm and his love for the game. By learning from posts here and getting to know pitchers, coaches and other knowlegable people in baseball, I am able to make better decisions than to trust “just anybody.” I say “protect” because last month when my son was picked for all-stars, the “pitching coach” tried to change his mechanics without even seeing him pitch. He also tried to change another boy to pitch sidearm. The boy’s dad and myself, respectfully, stepped in for our boys.

You will get some good information here. Equip yourself and enjoy your time with your son.