Help! I need help with my arm!


The last baseball season I had fairly serious arm trouble and I could not pitch for a lot of the season and when I did it hurt after. This was my second year on the big diamond and I started to get some serious velocity on my pitches. Last year I was 14 and now I am 15 and playing my first year of high school ball. I didn’t want to deal with the arm trouble again so this year I decided to start fairly early and enrolled in an arm care program to hopefully get into good shape and avoid any arm pain. I started the program 2 weeks ago and I had played minimal catch before that. I can already feel some pain in my elbow and other places in my arm just like last year. Now I have 2 questions. How can I fix this for this season, and what can I do next season to be prepared for the throwing and have no arm pain?


In the years 2015 and 2016, how many months during each year did you pitch?


What do you mean? I pitched when my arm felt up to it during the season and into summer ball so probably around March or April to July or June. I only pitched a few games in that time however because of the arm pain. Probably around 2-3 in the regular season and 3-5 during summer ball.


Ages 13 through 15 can be a very awkward time for a young man. Sometimes the saying …" all thumbs and feet…" usually accompanies this age groups description. Basically, you’re probably experiencing some coordination problems, and all this is a natural part of growing up.
On the other hand, pain is not a feeling to ignore, nor is it a natural part of youth baseball in any manner shape or form. So, if you’re determined to pitch, I would strongly recommend a pitching coach who has the experience of dealing with pitchers who have gone through some sort of rehab program. In fact, a pitching coach who has been part of rehab group or team, bringing pitchers back into the fold. These men and women know the process of dealing with a certain amount of discomfort -NOT PAIN - and they understand the process of assessing the methods and mythology of why your experiencing what you’re going through.
As an alternative suggestion, and please don’t take this personally, some players are not cut out to be pitchers. Whether it be the body’s lack of continuity to sustain the demands, the overall physical makeup, or some other factor or combination of factors.
Your physical and mental demeanor is not something that I’m privileged to, so I would suggest a one-on-meeting with a pitching coach who can size up your particular situation and give you an honest assessment of what’s-what. Also, don’t forget to include your parents and any other family member who can be supportive of you.