Help help ^^

Hi all,
For the beggining, i’m french and i’m sorry if my english isn’t very good.
I play Baseball in France (vipères valenciennes). I am pitcher and my problem is : I pitch just with my arm not with all my body, i don’t know if you can understand because my english is so bad. Internet translate : I start with only my arms and I can not start with the hips…!

My fastball is just 74 mph and i would like to go at 85… And i think is posible :wink:

Weel, if you have many exercices for me and / or Advices, REALLY THANKS :wink:

Thank you for reading.

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You’ve come to the right place, and welcome! And by the way, I wish my French was as good as your English. Yes, I know exactly what it is you would like to do, and I believe I can help.
You’re on the right track. You say you want to get your whole body into the action, rather than just throw with your arm and your shoulder. I used to play baseball, many moons ago, and I learned this from three pitchers for the New York Yankees; they drove off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso, and that was how they were generating the power behind their pitches. As I practiced this I discovered that not only was I getting more power behind my own pitches, I was also throwing harder—and faster—than I had been doing. There are specific exercises you can do, and one of them is known as the “Hershiser drill” which aims at getting the hips into action. If you look through Tom House’s excellent books on pitching you will find this and a number of otherexercises that you can do. And I think you’ll find that getting your whole body into it will help you increase your speed. Best of luck. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

Thanks for your answer,
Where i can found the book please?
This website, i look it everyday :))

You can check with; they have it and other books by Tom House about pitching, and their prices are very reasonable.