Help designing training schedule for 16 year old

I bought “The Athletic Pitcher” in 2007. We did it for a little while then but at the time my son was young and not sure he wanted to be a pitcher - so I didn’t push it. He is now 16 and has pitched some in High School this year with success. Played plenty of long toss this winter and he has good size (6’2, 185) I’m guessing his fastball is mid 70’s but I don’t really know. Sharp curve ball and coach taught him a very effect change-up. Arm is not real durable so I do know he would benefit greatly from a stronger and healthier arm.

I would appreciate any opinion you might have as to when and how you would apply the “Athletic Pitcher” (or any pitcher specific training) program into the following schedule.

High School Season ends - May
June - Travel baseball on weekends, HS team plays 16 game in June schedule. Football weight training 3 mornings a week (M,T, Th)
July - Lifting schedule continues. Week off for 4th, Football 7on7 one weekend, team camp one weekend, practice in shorts start last week in July.
August - Football practice starts
November - Football over
December-January - weight training
February - HS Baseball Junior season begins practice.



Looks like this young man has excellent size, and sounds like he has adequate control over his throwing mechanics. However, based on his size, he should be throwing harder than the mid 70’s.

From my standpoint of performance enhancement and injury prevention (i leave mechanics to the pro’s who know mechanics), he could use more leg power, better dynamic core stability and a large braking system to slow his body down, to allow his arm to move faster. Do 2/3rd’s of that sound correct to you?

I noticed he is a football player, also.

Not to boast, but the overhead athlete training I created is designed to do just that AND it will also make him a more explosive football player, too! Link is in the signature. I’m sorry I cannot help you with the athletic pitcher routine.

All the best! Let me know how he does :smiley:

look up eric cressey, ron wolforth, or ■■■■■■■■■■■.net

you need strength/speed first, then focus on mechanics