Help Decide New Jersey Number?

In my 9 years of playing baseball I’ve never had the same uni number. I thought I’d have the same jersey as last year (I pitched varsity as a soph, now I’m a Junior), but the varsity team is getting new jerseys this year. These are the numbers I’ve previously had:


Here’s what I’m thinking about for this year:
00 (coolest number ever)
90 (year i was born and inverse of grad year)
91 (inverse of tony gwynn, 9 replaces Randy Johnson’s 5 in 51 [those are my favorite players])
35 (Verlander…nuff said)
75 (i like this number, but not a fan of zito)

i always try to go with my birthday number… I was born may 16th
so i always try to get 16… or 12 or 6 or 18

dont go above the 50s, pick a rare number and try to make it famous

By rare number do you mean 00 or 90? lol

The TV sports producers like pitchers with double numbers, they look better on TV

99 or even rarer 01

So Taguchi has number 99 though. Right now I am thinking either 44 (again) or 00.

34 (nolan ryan n if ya play football, walter payton n hershal walker)

20 (i just like it)

19 (kazmir)

well i got 20… i wanted 16 but it didnt fit lol

18 (my birthday)
maybe 21 (Josh Beckett)
09 my lucky number :stuck_out_tongue:
or 57 Johan Santana…

I love how your name is TheNumber35 and you didn’t suggest 35 lol.

well…i think my name kinda already says it now doesnt itand im 35 so why would i tell him to be it :wink:

My favourite # is 4, I’ve worn it for a long time, but the team I am on now…the #4 jersey doesn’t fit too well, i could fit two of me in it :).

So, I’ve worn #4, #2, and # 12

15 or 31

15 or 31

lucky #13 (my number)
57 (santana)
19 (beckett)
99 (rick “wild thing” vaughn from major league I and II [best baseball movie ever i think :wink:] )
01 is pretty sweet or 00

otherwise, just go w/ your gut :idea: