Help correct 11yr old stepping in the bucket on follow thru

I posted this in a different section of this discussion forum without any replies so I saw this section and will try it here! Also, I haven’t figured out how to post a video of his mechanics yet but when I do, I will add it…

My 11 yr old has really good mechanics until the follow-thru, after the ball is released… He steps towards the first base side (he is a right hander) and it throws off his balance, not to mention losing some power because the hips open too early… Any advice on some drills to correct the problem? Thanks!

The best drill(s) will depend on the cause and it’s tough to say what the cause is without seeing him pitch. Look for something that’s pulling him open like postural issues, weak glove side management, lack of momentum, etc.

Can anyone tell me how to get the video from my laptop to the post?

Most people post their videos on YouTube and then post a link to it here. I don’t know what format YouTube expects.