Help! Concern we accidently forced our son to throw Right

I would love somebody to help me here. My son turned 5 in July. He loves sports and I think he has great potential in many sports. He loves baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. And he’s already pretty good at all sports compared to others his age…

But I’m scratching my head because he eats and writes left but NOW throws and bats right (we’ll he’s always batted right). I have read that some people are just like this, but I’m thinking that we forced him to throw right and it really has me concerned. I remember him picking up the baseball and football left handed until he was about 4 years old and he seemed to naturally throw left. But since the summer of 2009 he has shifted to mainly throwing right. Our 8 1/2 year old throws right (and the rest of the family is right handed). And we have right handed throwing baseball gloves (for the left hand). Looking back at last summer (2009), I believe my younger son started using my older son’s baseball gloves and he started throwing right. And for some stupid reason I think I wasn’t convinced he was a lefty, and I want to say that I remember I also kind of pushed him into throwing right. My wife kept telling he she thought he was a lefty but for some reason at the time I wasn’t convinced. I don’t remember why but I think at time I thought he should throw right when he was trying to throw left. But now that we know for sure he writes and eats left handed, I am concerned that he was supposed to be a left handed thrower.

Our 8/12 year old is already a very good pitcher. And we always thought his younger brother had much more potential in sports then he. He just seemed more of a natural athlete, although our 8/12 has really gotten pretty good at baseball and other sports through hard work. I just don’t want to ruin the potential of our younger son because we may have accidentally forced him to throw with the wrong hand….

I would appreciate it if somebody could give me their opinions. Maybe he was going to end up throwing right anyways and I’m just worry over nothing. It’s just looking back, I seem to remember the first 3 or 4 years of his life he threw more with his left hand and I thought his left hand seemed stronger early on. Add the fact that he eats and writes left makes me think he was supposed to throw left (especially when you add the fact that he did throw left early on). But right now he always picks up the football and baseball with his right hand and throws right. It just seems natural for him to throw right now. And he throws a little better now with his right hand (stronger and more accurate), but I don’t know if this is just because he got used to using his right hand to throw. Also as far as I know, he has always kicked right. And he always batted right which adds more confusion to me. So maybe he was going to throw right as well (although he is left handed and did throw with his left until he was 4 or so). Please help ease my worries. I just want to know if I should try to get him going back to throwing left or just let him continue throwing right. He does seem to be throwing pretty good with his right hand. But is there an easy way for us to let him figure it out on his one? or is it too late? If he was supposed to be a lefty and we made him a righty, how can we know this? and how should I go about fixing this? and is it too late?

This all may seem silly, but he loves sports and I think he has potential to be a great athlete. And I sure would hate to have hurt his potential by making him throw with his less dominant hand. I want to stop worrying about whether he is throwing with the hand he was born to throw with and concentrate on helping him get better at sports. But overtime we go throw the ball, I have him doing drills where he throws with both hands because I am trying to figure this out. But I am really confused…

I would appreciate any thoughts. Sorry about the long message. I am just a confused, concerned Dad.


Someone’s dad on my hs team made him eat with his left hand, do everything with his left hand growing up simply so he would be a left handed pitcher. He was pretty good too. Do i recommend this? I don’t know.

Get him to try both sides as he gets a little older, my son who is now 17, writes left, throws left with power, throws right with more accuracy, throws his best curve ball with the left hand, kicks a ball with his left foot but drops the ball like a right hander, but has always batted right, he has tried lefty but it never worked out for him. You son could definately be more confusing like my son but I wouldn’t worry that you had anything to do with it. At one time we were all forced to write right and it did make a difference but it took many years to change someones dominance not just a couple of times of what side of the plate to stand on.

get him to try both. did you know the panda (pablo sandoval) is abidextrous. hes a lefty narutal but plays ball righty. maybe hed be a good switch hitter. or be able to throw with both.

petyon manning rarely but sometimes throws with his left

You could buy an inexpensive lefty glove so he has both lefty and righty gloves available to him and let him experiment with both in a completely unstructured manner. In other words, don’t tell him what to do. Just let him know he can use which ever glove he is most comfortable with.

Hey guys,

I appreciate everybody’s response to my concern and confusion of whether or not I have made my left handed son throw right.

Roger, this summer during T-Ball, we did buy an expensive left handed glove and although he was doing well as a righty, I started working more with his left hand and for a few games he played as a lefty. But he still goes more towards throwing right, at the moment. Which is fine if this what he’s supposed to do. But I just have this guilty feeling that he was supposed to be a lefty. Because I do remember at one time he threw more left handed and had a stronger left handed throw. Now he throws more right and has a stronger right handed throw.

“Dodgerfan3”, I didn’t know Pablo Sandoval of the Giants was ambidextrous. I didn’t know he was more of a lefty that throws with his right in games. I did some research on him - very interesting. My wife and I think our son may be sort of ambidextrous because he does seem to do a lot of things with his right hand or right foot (such as kick a soccer ball).

So do you guys think I should keep having him throw with both hands? I have tried several games and drills but I don’t know what I should be doing. I’m thinking of having him throw one day right and one day left for awhile, and maybe one day we’ll (or he’ll ) just know…

I appreciate any more advice I can get. I’m just a worried Dad and I can’t wait until I can stop worrying on this issue =).

Thanks All!

I don’t really have anything to add but if you’re intersted look into the background of Billy Wagner. He broke his right arm as a kid and taught himself to throw left handed. He seems to have had an OK career :wink: Saw him throw this year in spring training- everything was 95-97. Pretty good with your “off hand” :roll:

Don’t “have” him do anything. Let him decide. For example, instead of saying “get your lefty glove” or “get your righty glove”, just say “get your glove”.

Now after reading the opening statement I didn’t know if it were a joke or for real. Still leaning towards a joke but I’ll play along anyways…

I will use myself as an example. I eat lefty, write lefty, dribble and shoot a basketball lefty as well as shoot a gun left handed. However I naturally hit right, throw right, play hockey right…so basically I do both. Heck for tennis I switch hands and hit everything with my forehand…lol Other then the fact that lefties are a little more desirable as pitchers I see no reason to switch his hand if he seems to prefer throwing right. And don’t worry about hitting…many lefties like my own son bat right handed. He does everything left handed but hit, he blows batting left handed for what ever reason!

Don’t “have” him do anything. Let him decide. For example, instead of saying “get your lefty glove” or “get your righty glove”, just say “get your glove”.[/quote]

I side with Roger here.

The boy is only 5, so there is a ton of development to go such as height, strength, etc… But something like this the kid is born with, and I wouldn’t want to play around with that. Have your son pick what naturally comes to him, and he will grow up refining that.


At 5 my son would put his right handed glove on his right hand and play catch…he’s weird but he ended up very ambidexterous like I wrote before.

After some time away from all forms of throwing, place a dozen balls on the floor in front of him and ask him to throw them to you. See what arm he throws with. Do this a few times a week for a couple weeks. It should give you a good indication of whether he is a righty or lefty.

I laud your concern over whether you forced him to be one or the other. What I have seen lately is fathers trying to force their young sons to be lefties. You know, to make sure they get signed by the Yankees.

One team my (true lefty) son played on had probably half the kids being “lefties” or “righties who batted left”. This at 7 and 8, mind you. Well, they didn’t play like natural lefties. :rolllaugh:

That is really crazy, I can see switch hitting righties with the ability to hit left, my son does that, but 7 or 8 year olds being forced to play the other side is nuts.

My son is the same way – uses both hands. At 5 we weren’t sure which he would use to throw with. I had him throw some balls and the left seemed much better. A year later, he was throwing with his right. At that age, they are still learning.

Now try this one. I throw a baseball with the right. Throw a football with the left. Throw a 16 inch softball with the left. Go figure.

Get him involved in a game of wiffle ball, or two, or three…no gloves.

If possible kids only…fun…no thinking about what hand he’s throwing with…

and dude…he’s five…you have at least seven years before you have a clue as to where he stands compared to others. That’s a lot of baseball to sit back and enjoy before it starts to get serious…or not…