Help! Can't Find Out Whats Wrong With My Elbow

Before I get the responses of do rehab exercises I want to put this out there.

I do J-bands everyday

Long toss once a week while throwing just enough to get loose 3 times a week

And work on deceleration of shoulder with rebounders with plyo care balls 3 times a week

Ice almost every night Advil only when I need it and Tiger Balm on occasion

My arm hurts, always when throwing above 75% and have had this problem for about 3 years. It hurts where the cubital tunnel or a subluxated ulnar nerve would happen and the pain leaks into my lower medial tricep and lower bicep as well. Sometimes pain occurs in medial elbow near UCL but not often. I do get numbness from time to time but pain is the worst when my elbow is fully extended, so after the ball is released. I can even feel a little click when I extend my elbow but the click doesn’t hurt. I have gotten MRI read from a very well respected doctor and said there is no strucutral damage. Does anyone have any advice or any thoughts on what this may be?

Bone Spurs? Nerve Damage? Tommy John? Tendinitis? Cubital Tunnel?

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Help! Can’t Find Out Whats Wrong With My Elbow[/quote]

Take it out of your ear so we can have a look at it. :wink:
In all seriousness, the pain and numbness are a sign that you will need to seek a second medical opinion, perhaps from an orthopedist.
How old are you?

If you are getting pain upon release of the ball, sometimes that’s from gripping the ball to hard. Try to keep your grip as light as possible without tensing your arm through delivery. The muscles in your arm don’t really help your velocity, so there’s really no need to “muscle up” or grip the ball excessively.

(I wouldn’t throw until I got that second opinion ) Practice into a net and see how lightly you can actually grip the ball and still throw it on line. I bet your accuracy even improves.

Based on everything you’ve described, it sounds nerve-related to me. I’m no doctor although my son has had ulnar nerve transposition surgery on both elbows. Seek out a good orthopedist and get a second opinion.

Thanks for the reply. And how did that surgery go? Recovery time? Career ending?

Thanks for the reply! How did the surgery go? Recovery time? Career ending? Season ending? Never the same…? Also, why both elbows? Was this something that is similar in both elbows because my doc said in my left elbow that when my elbow always clicks is my ulnar nerve. (Im a RHP) Possible to be born with both nerves out of the groove in both elbows from birth? And I made another appointment to see my doc again. He’s the Bulls Sox head team physician, and has done both my ACL surgeries and did a great job. I probably should of added the last time I had the MRI and saw the Doc for this was Mid July…

The surgery is not career ending. Could be season ending depending on the timing. Don’t remember the exact recovery time but I think it was a few months. Nothing structural has to heal. Just soft tissue has to heal. In my son’s case he was done with sports so no season to worry about. Also, his ulnar nerves were in the grooves but rubbed or got pinched so the doc moved the nerves out of the grooves on the back inner side to the front inner side. He cut a flap of tissue to wrap around the nerve in the new position and then stitched it in place. That’s the main source of the recovery time. That and the 3-4" incision on the inside if the elbow.

Thanks for the reply, do you remember if the doctor offered doing a decompression or transposition? I know you aren’t a doctor but if you could recall hearing anything about a decompression it would put my nerves to rest, at least a little.

@Roger did your son have any of the symptoms that I have, and I’m assuming he was a pitcher as well, correct?

Don’t remember any discussion about decompression. Not even sure what that is. As for my son’s symptoms, he had pain (don’t recall exactly where) as well as some tingling or numbness as I recall. He was a catcher in HS (although he did pitch a little in club ball) but did decathlon in JUCO.

Hello Roger, late post but, did your son fully recover from the surgery and get back to playing symptom free? I am a player that might need to get surgery because the conservative route of physical therapy and time off did not help.

My son was done with sports at that point so I can only guess whether he could have gotten back to playing symptom-free. But my guess is that, yes, he could have.

thank you, I was just wondering cause I might have to go through the same surgery but, I am worried due to hearing that there was bad success rate for adolencent pitchers