Help Analyze 11yr olds Mechanics -Please

My son and I have picked up a lot of good advice from reading the forums and he has made some changes but I need some additional sets of eyes and advice. Please help and sorry for the part where mom got nervous and nearly dropped the camera :frowning:

He does alot of nice things, however, one thing you do need to correct is his landing position. It’s dramatically toward the third base side. Eventually hard on shoulders. Stepping straight to the plate will help control, velocity, and be better for injury prevention. This is really important.
Once that’s correct, he will likely naturally lengthen his stride. When that happens, he will have to work on ‘staying closed’ longer. Sometimes even here he opens up too soon and the ball goes outside. Just do one thing at a time though.
Last is the rocker step. Straight back is best to maintain balance. That also can be part of flying open and the landing position. Dominoes. One leads to another. Start right and go from there.
Once you get that straight, work on finish. Follow thru better. Across the body and down. Important for arm deceleration and therefore injury prevention.
He does pretty well for an 11 year old. Seems to have some talent, coordination, balance. Also seems to stay on top of the ball better than most. Good job so far!



Thanks Orygun, You are verifying some of the things that I picked out from going through the website. I will be curious to what others say about his seperation and then pulling the glove back in. I think that is something we will eventually have to tackle and yes he has worked very hard to stay on top of the ball thanks to a coach who relentlessly taught his team how to throw the ball from day 1.

i would have him tuck his glove in. leaving it hanging there could potentially lead to opening up to soon.

Don’t try to tackle too much at once. It’s too hard to do for one thing and it can be discouraging to a youngster. Make sure he knows the things he’s doing right; staying on top, keeping his arm up, throwing strikes, etc.
The glove hand is important too, and curling it in is important to correct as soon as possible. However, again, I would start with one thing at a time!

Best wishes, and keep us informed of progress!!



I would suggest two things to start with. First, and foremost, I think he needs a faster tempo. He moves real slow with his initial footwork and getting into knee lift and stride. This can lead to balance and control issues much the as does riding a bicycl real slow. Try having him get his hips moving toward home plate sooner and faster. This may also improve his stride direction which is currently toward the 3B side of homeplate.

Second, I would have him keep his glove up in front and to bring his chest to his glove instead of letting the glove drop.

You may want to experiment with having your son pivot on the ball of his right foot rather than lifting,turning, and then dropping it into place i.e., in front of the rubber. That may shorten the rocker step but I think it will give him better balance and more of a turning motion towards the plate rather than a first to third movement.


My youngest son (8 year old) has the slowest tempo from rocker to balance known to man…drives me crazy (not that I have that far to go)…good thing he has a double jointed elbow to give him some velocity!