Help a Kid out (16 y.o.)

Always a great day to hear of one of our kids having success and attaining their goals…made my day 8)

Little update for you guys on my now 17 year old son’s pre-season and college search. Without too much in the way of lead-up, I will cut to the chase. He attended a very reasonably priced showcase at a JC in October, 50 degrees and rainy, he threw 78, but kept some in reserve. Good comments on his curve and change.

My son went on a coach’s invitation thursday to a D3 college fairly close to home (90 miles). While his mother and I could not go with him, he went anyway.

He walked into the Head Coach’s office for a chat, and walked out 30 minutes later with a spot on the team for next year if he chooses. Almost all of their pitching staff is graduating, and it will be a young group. He will play.

How’s that for hard work and dedication. Thanks guys. He and I owe you.

Congrats, best of luck.

Outstanding!!! What a great life lesson, as well. You put your mind and heart to something and it works out as you hoped. I’m fairly new to this site and I’m the proud father of a High School Freshman who has the “passion”, as well. He’s a big, strong kid (6’3 225) and left-handed. He, too, needs more velocity and is working on it. Can you give me the quick summary of how your son progressed? From earlier posts, it appears that he was not cracking 70 and is now in the high 70’s+. That’s fantastic.

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Son just completed his Senior Season on the mound, getting prepped for college ball in the fall now.

This year, due to some unfortunate injuries and suspensions to his teammates, my son was given the opportunity he had been looking for. He finished the regular season 6-2 (leads the team), with a 1.30 ERA(I believe it leads the team), 30+scoreless innings, averaging about a strikeout an inning. He was given opportunities in some very high pressure, high stress situations, and while he didn’t always win, he definitely didn’t fail.

Hopefully, everyone will remember that when that opportunity arises, you have to BE READY for it. You never know what is going to happen in front of you. In his case he had a CAREER SEASON because some other guys, and some coaches, made some mistakes. Be ready and able to take advantage.

He’s going on to “real” coaching now, and I leave him in more capable hands than mine.

Thanks for all the help guys.

PS. a couple of things that he has been working on over the past two seasons, even while he is on the bench.

Defining the umps strike zone - its not always a rectangle
Working with what you’ve got- sometimes all your pitches don’t work
Identify the batter - not just lefty/righty, power/speed, 1-9, but by name and ability (also decide who is NOT going to beat you)
And the weakest part of his game-knowing when to shake off the catcher if you don’t believe in the pitch selection