Help a guy out

I’ve been pitching for quite a while and I’ve had a no hitter and I’m a decent player but there’s something that’s been concerning me. What does it take to get on a highschool team?

LOL…you are a prime candidate for my eBook.

Anyways, making it on the high school team as a pitcher has a lot to do with whether you can throw strikes or not. If you can throw strikes, you can be an effective high school pitcher.

Your high school team will more than likely have one of three types of head coaches and a staff of coaches that vary in experience and type.

Your head coach may be a teacher that conducts the physical education classes, or your coach may be a volunteer from outside the school’s faculty, or your coach may be a paid individual from outside the school’s faculty.

In any event, you’ll want to watch as many games as you can to see not only what talent level you feel like fitting into (frosh, JV, varsity), but also the manner in which this club is coached. The second observation is critical to your enjoyment and participation. Good coaches seem to attract good talent. Control types are a different story all together, not to mention the agony of being brow-beaten at every turn.

You say you have a decent game. Then don’t be surprised if your asked to play, instead of fishing for a spot on your own. Good talent is not in abundance at the frosh level and the JV level at a lot of schools is the grooming and proving ground for varsity play, not to mention the public face of the school’s athletic prowess and bragging rights.

Make an honest effort to seek out the tryout phase of the level that you’re interested in. When? Where? At what time? Go prepared with everything that you’re going to need - sneakers, gym shorts, supporter/cup, glove, birth certificate, medical shot record & medical examination forms, academic waivers if necessary, and other stuff as required from past sessions - ask around for what you need.

The best part of high school baseball is learning by doing. Charting new waters is a challenge to say the least - but like going swimming for the first time … try the shallow end first, get your feet wet, then in no time your in the deep end.

Just be yourself, give it a shot and play your own game. Let the people who are responsible for making decisions do their job - don’t assume or prejudge. Just play your game.

And one last word of advice, if your locked in to playing just one position - DON’T! Be flexible and see how you fit in to the players that are already holding down a spot. And above all, eat right, dedicate yourself to a reasonable amount of sleep, and keep up the grades.

Coach B.

Thanks for all the responses guys!! They really helped a lot!!