Hi, the name’s Marc.
I come from Canada.
Baseball isn’t that big around here, and the competition level isn’t that high, but I’m still doing my best to get better.

I’m a righty, throw from a 3/4ish arm slot.
Have not been clocked before; don’t really think my velocity is great anyway.
I throw fastball, fastball, fastball.
I just learned the curve this year, so it isn’t that great yet…

Oh, and I’m fifteen, if that means anythin.

And I guess that’s it, I’m lookin forward to meeting everyone and learning more about pitching.


Welcome, you came to the right place

Thanks, it seems really helpful here, and most of the people posting seem to know what they are talking about.

Yeah youll def learn alot of stuff on this site. Good luck man

Oh yeah and it might be better to post some time earlier cuz im not sure what time it is down in canada but out here its 11 27 :lol:

it is 12 right here but um yeah i know everything lol so talk to me

haha oh yeah its summer and im not the only one up anymore haha

yep and also seems like the bay is still alive tonight

haha oh yeah. im actually on vacation in mexico so its 206 right now haha so yeah im a little bored

yeah im tryin to go to sleep but it is hard for me to fall asleep

Hehe time zones are pretty much the same depending on where you are in the states/canada (east/west) I just can’t sleep really.

Had a game earlier 25-5 against the worst team in our div so, I can still kinda feel it.

Good luck pitching