Just introducing my son, Slader, LH, 6’3", 200#, 14 years old; long legged big strong kid and loves baseball. Throw in upper 60’s maybe lo 70’s, good change, just learning the curve, and just started throwing a splitter (thanks to an article on this site) and loves the pitch. He gets instruction through a former MLB pitcher associated with the NPA. No clip available but we’ll see about maybe posting one soon. Enjoy the articles and the information. Thanks!

Welcome! It sounds like you and your son are happy with your instructor. I’d be interested in know who the instructor is. I am NPA-certified and would be able to offer him referrals know he has happy clients. If you’d rather not post his name here, maybe you could send me a PM?

Gene Ross, Springfield IL area. Tom House was suppose to hold a pitching camp but there wasn’t enough interest. Gene thought it would have been great for Slade. We use the pitching book regularly, great resource. Slade has had a former minor league pitcher with the Yankees in the 80’s for a coach, also a LH, and taught a great move to first.


By “pitching book” do you mean The Art and Science of Pitching (which is the latest book on mechanics)?

yes, sorry should’ve been more explicit.

That’s good. Otherwise, I was going to recommend you get that book.