Heyy everyone, just found this place out…its prettyyyy cool :D…well anyways my name is Zack im in 10th grade and play for our Varsity baseball team but also JV when they need other players…im a starting pitcher and sometimes closer…i was looking around for new pitch grips to try out to help improve my pitching game…i throw around 85-90 fastball…a very good curve…decent change up…good 2 seam that moves alot…and iv been messing around with sliders and sinkers and knucklecurves since middle school ball…so i would like some help with that! :wink:

If your looking for different grips and pitch’s to add to what you already got, your in the right web page. Check out Steven Ellis’s Blog and find “How to Grip,Hold&Throw Different pitch’s” Steve explains them real well and has photo’s too , and , he’s 'been there and done that" You can’t go wrong checking out that Blog.
Bill :smiley: