My name is Carter, I’m 13 years old, and I live in AZ, north of phoenix about 30 minutes. I play for a club ball team called AZ Wildfire, and my school team, but the school team accepts evryone, and the coach has never played baseball, so it’s kind of a step down. I’m hoping to make JV next year, as a fresman. I throw a 4 seam, forkball, and am working on a change up and sinker.

Welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump! Nice to have you with us, and you can be sure you’ll find lots of useful information and advice on this website.

Welcome! I’ve heard of the Wildfire.

I guess I’m about 30 minutes south of you.

Wow Roger,
I didn’t realize that anyone on here would have heard of our team javascript:emoticon(’:D’)
Do you coach one of the teams in the area, or does your son play?

Both of my sons used to play. My younger son was on the original AZ Heat and the original Inferno teams. I coached for both of those teams.

My older son played for a different Heat as well as the Diablos.


Good to have you Carter!