i jus have a quick question for everyone
I have been receiving some interests from schools, telling me to come to their camps and such. But, i am a left handed catcher, and i have been reading lately that it is really frowned upon, and many schools wont give you a scholarship for being a left handed catcher, i was just wondering what your opinion is on this situation? What do you think about left handed catchers?

As I see it, the problem with a left-handed catcher occurs with a runner on first base and a righthander in the batter’s box. The catcher, in this instance, is pretty much blocked and can’t make a good throw to try to catch that runner trying to steal. Other instances of interference can occur, and that is the main reason why we don’t see lefthanded catchers in the major leagues—or at other levels. You may just have to switch to another position. 8)

Tough for a good throw to 3rd base also since the body is turned around for a proper throw, if you have the arm strength to be a catcher then 1st base if you can hit really well or center if you have speed of one of the corners.

If it is possible,
try to switch to one of these positions:
first base, any of the outfield, or learn to pitch.

Love that last post, if you got the arm to be a catcher you probably have the arm to pitch and play the outfield. Good Luck



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Hope your off-season is good!