I’m new here.

25 years old, never did college ball and never did high school ball (coach and I didn’t get along too well, he had control-freak issues and I was too interested in wanting to play like the pros did and not like a dude that didn’t even get drafted and got stuck being an egotistical college coach.)

As the quote says “Baseball is for kids, grown ups just screw it up.”

Anyway, I figured this would be a great place to talk mechanics and pitches and stuff.

Influences are: Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Mariano Rivera, Roger Clemens, Fernando Valenzuela, John Wetteland, Bob Gibson

I was so interested in baseball as a whole that I learned how to throw a variety of pitches (all of which you see in my signature). Some I throw much better than others. I do have a centralized set of pitches but if I’m having trouble on a given day I can always dig back and try to see what’s working and hopefully make my day a lil bit better.

My bread and butter has always been the 4 seam. Just put the mitt where you want it. Never have been afraid of coming inside, an abomination metal bat or wood I’ll bust the guy inside if I have a feeling he’ll turn his handle on it or second guess it or even if he starts crowding the plate. I also believe in tipping the cap on a hit batsman to convey that you didn’t mean to hit the guy and to keep the drama out of the game (Good way to loose a game is to hand the other team the determination to win.).

I like pitching random as well. I’ve seen too many college pitchers be predictable.

Basically, I love baseball. Oh and go Yankees. :slight_smile:


Even if you are a Yankees fan. :roll: