Hello to everyone from canada

hi everyone, i guess i will take my first post on here to introduce myself, i am a left handed pitcher that isnt playing anymore, im looking forward to make the mlb open tryouts next year and i will work hard on it. i am not overpowering, im around 82mph with some good sink and a very good change up. im am still developing a breaking ball. i dont know if theres anything i have to know about this place that you guys could help me out with… im looking forward to learn from you and maybe make you learn some also.

BTW i am clearly going to work on velocity before tryouts, i think i saw there was a place where you can post your mechanics, tell me more about that please, overall this place looks like the kind of place ive been looking forward to find

Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your tryout. Keep working hard.

Good to have you here and definately post a video on the mechanis section.

And Good Luck!!!


well hello from california. welcome to the forum!

ever need to need to ask me a question. feel free to PM me


Welcome, eh!

Welcome to this pitching discussion forum!
Hope you enjoy!