Hello there

My name is Miguel.

I’m currently living in NJ and probably moving to Boulder, CO in the next year or so.

I’m 20 years old, turning 21 on May. I have been following the Tuff Cuff program since I recovered from a shoulder injury (non-baseball related) and I have seen an increase on my speed and stamina. I’m probably not throwing in the high 80s, but last time I got checked I was at 83-85. Not bad for someone who hasn’t played in a while and had an accident, I guess.

My goals are not to make it to the MLB/Minors (although it’ll be great!) but to play college ball (hopefully D1) and stay active.

If any of you guys are around Monmouth County here in NJ, let’s throw some balls and hang out.


Welcome to the forums. Best of luck in your endeavor. I’m sure those who visit the site regularly would enjoy helping you out any way we can.


Welcome aboard, Miguel :slight_smile:

I think you’ll like your time here. So far, this place has been an incredible place to learn the craft.

I’m near Boulder when I’m back home from college. If you need ideas of where some good gyms are to get stronger at, baseball facilities when it gets cold, or a good summer team, let me know. Welcome to LTP!

Awesome man.

I see that University of Colorado Boulder doesn’t have a baseball team, instead it has a Club Baseball Team part of the NCBA. Do you know/think it’s any good?