Hello(Started pitching in may)

Hi everyone Im fairly new to baseball(started in may). I am 18 years old and I have been boxing for several years. I got intrested into baseball earlier this year out of the blue( I dont know why and how I just started loving it).

Welcome … where are you playing/training for baseball now?

[quote=“Steven Ellis”]Welcome … where are you playing/training for baseball now?[/quote]One of my friends dad happend to coach to school’s baseball team so I got to train with the high school baseball team(had me be an outfielder). The experience was great. After that I joined the detroit msbl(decent rec league). I was a right fielder and I batted .205 . It was alot of fun. I currently train out of a local batting cage and work with a hitting coach once a week. Ill be posting videos sometime this week.

Welcome aboard!