Hello LTP. Junior College Pitcher trying to get better

I’ve been a long time reader of let’s talk pitching but for some reason never made an account. I’m a 6-2 left handed pitcher and weigh about 190 pounds. My coach refuses to clock us on the radar gun but most people say my fastball is probably around 82-85 but obviously that’s just speculation. I went 7-1 with a 1.5 ERA as a senior in high school and would like to have similar stats this year as a college Freshman. I go to a pre season top 10 ranked junior college even though we’re really struggling this year so far. (1-8). In our defense we play against really though competition in the beginning of the year to prepare us for conference. I hope to transfer to a Division I school after 2 years but I feel like i’m going to have to gain a good amount of velocity to do so. I throw a four seam fastball, two seam fastball, circle change (My worst pitch but I’ve been working on it alot), and a slurvy type breaking ball. Usually very fast with very good movement but sometimes I have trouble locating it. So far this year our coach has me as the number 4 starter, but I’ve only started in 1 game so far this year. I had a very successful 3 innings of relief our first game. 0 runs 1 hit 0 BB’s and 4 K’s. Reason I relieved was because we were on our Spring trip and due to bad weather we knew we were only going to be to play 3 games. I had my first start today and did terrible. 3 innings, 5 runs, (2-3 earned there was a really questionable play), 2 hits 5 BB’s and 2 K’s. My lower back was bothering me a tiny bit all winter and our first game but today I felt a very sharp pain and it really affected my pitching. My next start is set for Sunday and I’m hoping to be able to still pitch. If it doesn’t feel a lot better by Friday, I’ll probably end up going to see a chiropractor this weekend. I’m going to try and get someone to video tape my mechanics, because I feel like I should be throwing a lot harder than I do now. I’ll also keep you updated as my season goes along and how my back feels. Forget to mention this but this upcoming off season I plan on working my ass off and trying to get up to 210ish this offseason to hopefully be throwing mid-high 80s.


Welcome. Get to that 210… Mass = gas!

Thanks. I know I should definitely be able to get to 210 come winter time. And would also like to add that first semester I received a 3.83 GPA. (B in Speech class). I’m aiming for a 4.0 this semester and I’m really on track for it as of now.

Went to see my trainer today about my lower back pain. He’s says it’s only a pinched nerve. We did some weird exercise that is supposed to fix it somehow. He said he’s opening the spot where the nerve is pinched to try and release the pinched nerve. I guess it made it feel slightly better after but it hurt like hell while he was doing it. Also got stim and very hot heating pad put on it at the same time that really relieved the pain for a few hours. The trainer recommended that I don’t go and see a chiropractor. My coach is also really trying to push me to pitch on Sunday but I really don’t see that being realistic with the amount of pain I’m in. We’ll see what happens I guess.

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Got stretched out today by the trainer and he cracked my back in some very odd way. Felt a tremendous amount better though. It looks as if me starting Sunday is actually pretty realistic. Played light toss today with no pain. Long toss and a flat ground tomorrow and if I’m pain free for that, then I’m sure I’ll be 100% for my start Sunday.

No start today. Long toss yesterday didn’t go so well. My coach is really getting impatient but it really does hurt a lot and I don’t want to make it any worse than it already is. I’m hoping to be back sometime this week though. We’ll see what happens.

haven’t updated in a while because there really hasn’t been much progress. Seems as if my athletic trainer was wrong, and it’s a lot more serious then just a pinched nerve. I’ve taken about a week off and attempted to throw a flat ground today. Threw 15 or so pitches and it started hurting a tiny bit. I stopped throwing because I don’t want to reaggrivate it and have this week of rest for absolutely nothing.

You need to go see someone who is qualified.
Getting stretched out and all of that is good, but, when you start the movement pattern and start having the same issue again it usually indicates an underlying issue. It may be an injury or strain, it may be caused by (and usually pretty easily fixed) an imbalance or movement issue that has developed over time.
No offense intended but a trainer at a JC is probably only going to be so good. I know a kid (who was drafted as a LHP), then had to have shoulder surgery, who is at a D1 currently ranked in the top 30. What does his rehab look like? Well, he is working with a kid who is a senior in college and is a part of the training programming at the college. In other words, someone who doesn’t know jack. To me it is insane for a kid with draft position and money on the line (not to mention long term health) to work with someone who is still trying to get his degree. My son played six months with a missed diagnosed back problem…the trainer at the school he was at was young, inexperienced and made a lot of assumptions…in other words, didn’t know what he was doing.
No diagnosis. So, the problem persisted and he was cut because his performance was impacted.
The lesson is, you need to take care of yourself and make sure your well being is being addressed, because chances are, no one else will. Even at the JC level baseball is a business. It usually is not treated that way by the kids who are playing it. I cannot say this enough…understand that your health is not your coaches concern. He may be a nice guy and he may care…he may very not care at all either. But, his job is to win games (and keep kids that pay tuition) and thats it. This is why over recruiting at nearly every level of college baseball is such a problem. Speaking in general terms the coach cares about winning, he sees players as names on a depth chart and little else. He does not care (at least that should be the assumption).
You may have to spend some money out of your own pocket or mom or dads pocket but you should go see a physical therapist or a sports medicine specialist that is qualified. If I go to a guy who works out of his garage to fix my car and a week later it is having the same issue I would never go back. There is a reason a good, honest, qualified mechanic costs money, they are worth it.

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Fearsome Four is absolutely right. Stop lollygagging and go see a sports medicine specialist, get some X-rays and even an MRI, and find out what’s going on and take care of it. The sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll be back in action and throwing full speed.

I threw today and it felt alot better but I see where your coming from. I don’t think my parents want to spend the money to see a specialist because were not very well off money wise. I have to pay for my own school and gas (which gets expensive when the JC I go to is 40 miles away) I agree with you 100% but I’m just not exactly in the position where seeing a specialist is an option.

Also I may see an inning or two of relief tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

Awesome stuff - good luck in your outing!

I hear ya man.
I remember those days…gas or food. Its not easy and I was not assuming it was.
Glad it is feeling better. Keep us updated.