Hello just wanted to introduce myself

i’m tom parice 19 year old and i’ve been pitching for 10 years now. i throw around 91-92 the 4-seamer and i have a 75-80 mph forkball. that i’ve been using since i’m 15 year old. i used to throw a a regular changeup as my off speed pitch since i couldnt get a curveball to break properly and i got introduced to my father’s friend who used to pitch for the expos AAA minor league team in 1980s and he shown me how to throw a forkball the way he did and since then i’ve been primarly a forkballer where my fastball is essentially my change-up in a way. the pitch acts somehow like a knuckleball so it kind of works the same. just wanted to let you know i’ll be out there to answer and learn and i hope you guys will be cool.

Welcome. I also use a forkball as my “change-up”. Nice to see I’m not alone.

91-92 mph fastball with a 75 mph forkball? contreras has this stuff and is a major league pitcher. maybe you’re bragging a little?

you’re probably throwing a splitter too. i don’t think there is a lot of forkballers around.

and he’s getting rocket like crazy also. nah but speaking about contreras he does have some good movement on his forkball which looks a bit like mine but i dont throw from like 10 different ar slots. i just throw high 3/4 with some tailling action inside on leftys (im a lefty) with the 4-seamer and mostly downward action on the forkball sometimes it can go straight to the right and sometimes it acts like a screwball. i’m trying to really get an understanding of how this pitch works so i can reduce the number of passed alls and wild pitches last year i had 15 WP.

oh and forkballers are a lost civilization only because nobody know exctly what a real one is. they all think it’s a splitter with more movement

Well I just substituted a fork for my change becuase I didn’t like throwing the change-up. I just choke it so much that when it comes out theres little spin. A little though.

yeah i can throw it without spin with top spin back spin and spiral spin it all do a little something different. but sometimes acts unpredictably. i like to throw it like it was a curveball sometimes, i mean throw it too high and it drops back in the zone, it seriously is a 1 pitch 10 pitch

omg i use my forkball too

hey 4pie what do you throw? we’ll see who’s bragging.

i throw
4-seam fastball 85mph
palmball 70-75mph

both coming straight over the top nothing fency nothing amazing i just either grab the ball with two fingers or wrap my hand around it. i don’t need any finger pain or elbow break to get people out, i just throw the ball and see if they can hit it. you can do it without getting great movement just by changing location the location is the movement. if it was up and in, it’s low and in, it was low and in, it’s up and away, up and away, it’s up and in etc. change speed and you get it.

yeah a palmball, this pitch is dead since i’m like 8 years old. people now throw the circle change it’s time for you to get up to date. the palmball is basically a begginner change-up if you want to go anywhere you have to get some more movement. when i throw the forkball i change speed and get movement thats why i get a lot of over the top groundball and swing and a miss sometimes it hangs and people swing under hit because they expecft it to fall. maybe you should look at some other options because palmball and 4-seamer from over the top isn’t moving a lot. i guess you’ll find out sooner or later

Some pitcher’s still use a palmball and get good movement, Halladay and Hoffman do, and I’m sure a few more do too, although it is somewhat disappearing.

i mean is it possible to get good hitters out without throwing breaking balls from time to time it’s almost impossible good hitters will sit palmball and rocket the hell out of it this pitch is just a bp fastball when you’re looking for it 4pie is probably going to give a lot of home runs when he’ll be older usually when you’re around 17-18 people start to get the ball out. i throw forkball but i still can throw change-up and some kind of curve for key strikes you know if he’s only palmball fastball he’s not gonna stand long.

Of course, eventually, you’ll probably need a 3rd pitch, a breaking ball of some kind for k’s.

what do you think you know about pitching anyway? i’m 18 turning 19 soon and i i threw about 10 curveballs in my life in a game. the change-up is kind of dieing and the fastball is pretty much going straight down with some kind of tailing action when i really throw hard. i did got hit for homeruns twice this year but that’s nothing new even guys with breaking balls get hit for HRs. i only told you 91mph fastball and 75mph forkball was somehow unlikely for a guy not drafted or anything i suppose you aren’t. since then all you do is talk about how i can’t get movement on pitches forkball is going to be flat some days and you probably get rocket also. you can’t be at your A game all year long, the palmball though won’t hang it will really just sometimes miss location but i get a lot of batters out in front and mostly get either strike out or pop out out of it.

A true forkball has very little spin just like knuckleball. It’s suppose to “flop” out of your hand and “dance” on it’s way to the plate.

A splitter has backspin just like a fastball and changeup. But the fact that you split your fingers, you aren’t imparting as much force through the ball, therefore it has less speed and dives at the end.

Most people can’t throw a true forkball because they don’t have long enough fingers.

yeah i throw it and i push the ball with my thumb either to the left or to the right to get the desired movement and pronate to get spiral spin.

i really like throw it 70 percent of the time and it is a pitch i use both on lefty and righty

do you play college ball? i mean, 91 mph is pretty fast…

it will actually be my second year of college ball, i did pretty fair last year striking out 2 times the number of guys i walked but took a lot of no decision because of poor hitting. anyway my fastball is nothing compared to what my forkball can achieve.

I thought Hoffman threw a circle change but I know Halladay throws the palmball.