Hello from Toronto

Hey, lizard king here, and I have come to this website every once and a while. I’m aspiring to become a pitcher this summer, but only for a house-league team, I am 16 years old, and have a year of baseball experience (when I was younger). Although I have little experience, I am very dedicated to learning, and have been playing catch for a long time. I am a self taught pitcher, (mostly getting advice from websites like these on different grips and pitching mechanics). I currently throw a 4seam FB, 2seam FB, Knucklecurve (grip NOT from this site), and am hoping to learn a new pitch soon, in time for the season, which starts in about 2, 2.5 months. I have tried many pitches, and have been able to be able to throw them with good control. The only pitches that I can’t throw well, or haven’t tried are the sinker, and circle changeup. I originally threw over the top, then felt comfortable with sidearm, and now changed back to over the top. I have started pitching to a target, and stopping after throwing 100 pitches hitting the target per day. I am also taking body shop at my school (lifting weights, training etc.) So any helpful exercises to increase velocity would help. I also am toying with learning maybe a slider, or something along those lines as a forth pitch. My biggest worry is that I will have alot of wild pitches, so any replies in this thread containg either an ideal fourth pitch for me to throw or a good way to increase velocity or control( more importantly the latter) would be very much thanked.