Hello from Texas

Hey everybody.

I’m 20 and currently attending a D1 college. I’m looking to get involved with some others in talking about pitching and what better place than here?

I’m a 6’8" tall and 220lbs RHP.

I throw a 4SF, circle change, and curve. Sometimes I throw 2SF and split but not very much.

Wow. Tall.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Sweet! If you don’t mind me asking…what college are you attending??

I’d rather not say at this moment in time. Maybe once I get to know this forum better 8)

can i guess… Rice?


Hey Spencer, just curious, but how come you don’t throw your two-seamer much? Do you get a lot of natural run on your four-seamer? Judging by your size and the fact that you’re a D-I athlete, I’d imagine you throw pretty hard, so a hard, sinking two-seamer could be a great pitch for you.

So would it be better to use a 2SF more often instead of as a sort of complimentary pitch?

Sounds a lot like Kasparek from University of Texas… if it is, we (Jarrell) knocked you out of the playoffs our senior year :slight_smile: You were on the mound and I was on the mound for Jarrell

nope! I’m a sophomore