Hello from South Africa?!


Hey everyone. Well I know it MIGHT seem like a bit of a surprise but yes I’m in South Africa :oops: … Cape Town to be exact.

Well let’s see my name is Joshua Venter, call me Josh though, I’m 17 and I’ve been playing baseball for just over 2 months.

I’ve always loved watching baseball whenever I got the chance to, but with no nearby clubs that I could join, there was no way of actually playing baseball. Anyway to cut the story short I eventually found an AWESOME team.

In these last 2 months I’ve come to absolutely LOVE baseball. So far I’ve only played the outfield positions for my team since I’m the newest rookie. But my aim at this stage is to become a pitcher, but with no pitching coaches to teach proper pitching, all I can do is read up and watch as much as I can about pitching.

Although I’m really, really, lucky in having an Olympic baseball player that played for the South African team, on my team, who plays catcher. He occasionally helps me out but he’s usually busy with work. Anyway enough of my babbling I hope to get some great advice from everyone (I’ve been lurking around the forums for quite a while now) and get to know everybody.

PS: My dream is to play professional baseball, MLB league level. An insane dream I know, but I’m definitely going to work my butt off to try get as close to that dream as possible! :smiley:


Josh. V. Baseball-
Welcome to this pitching discussion forum!
It will be nice to have your opinion on pitching and any insights/questions you might ask.
Hope you enjoy posting and reading.


Joshua, that is a great story, it’s going to be a long road but this site is great to talk over everything that you might think about.