Hello from dusty delso in oklahoma

nice to say hello to everyone. i’m dusuty delso from broken arrow, oklahoma. i played division 1 at oral roberts university and lived with dodger great jim brewer, a lefty screwballer.

also spent 10 years with major league pitching coach vern ruhle who passed away last winter. he shared many things with me that may help some of you (or confuse you even more). i have a ph.d. in educational research and read or view any good information related to pitching and hitting i can buy or find. i have used wolforth’s stuff, mill’s stuff, nyman’s stuff, house, and just discovered this place. it looks good so i’ll order it shortly.

my youth league teams have won three national titles and my son has pitched in the usssa elite 16 (24) twice now and the pee wee reese world series in puerto rico. he was the mvp of the dizzy dean 14u world series this year and now pitches for the dallas yankees, an elite travel team. we’ve been doing this for quite some time now and have an idea of what works for us and what doesn’t. like most things, we take a little from all these programs and the latin pitching development program and do our thing.

hope to chat with some of you soon.

dusty delso

Looks like you have a whole bunch to share Dusty. We sure do welcome the experience and participation :smiley: