Hello from Arizona!

Hello everyone,
I’m a high school freshman at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve played baseball since I can remember, and my main positions are pitcher and catcher. Which can be awkward at times because the throwing motions are pretty much polar opposites.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much played recreationally and for my school teams in junior high, haven’t played club (travel) ball, but now that I’m in high school I want to commit to really getting better and becoming competitive.
I’m 6’0 180 lbs and I’ve been doing strength training through the school year and have definitely made progress but I’ve toned it down a little bit now than at we are in season. I hope to do a lot over the off season and come back and really impress. I’ve been doing a lot of research into pitching mechanics and I’ve identified several areas that I need to work on and have started to implement changes.

Anyway, glad I found this forum and all the helpful info on it.


Welcome to LTP

Welcome - from a fellow Zonie!