Hello Fellow Hurlers

Hi fellas,

My name is Scott Edwards, I am 34, throw left handed, and am very excited about pitching again in the KC MSBL.

I have not pitched for over 10 years. Thankfully it was due to marriage and career obligations, and not due to a blown out elbow or shoulder.

I am currently on an excercise program striving to get back in shape. I am 6’ and currently 245, I would like to lose another 35-40 lbs.

I have been doing “Jobes exercises” 3X weekly, long toss 2x weekly, plus walking/jogging, and situps/push ups 2x daily for the past 5 weeks.

My biggest concern is hurting my elbow or shoulder, by doing too much too early on my “comeback” :wink:

I will be making a post about the above soon in the appropriate forum. But feel free to reply with suggestions here as well.

I am very thankful I stumbled across this forum.


Scott Edwards


In addition to making sure you’re properly conditioned, you’ll also want to make sure your mechanics are in order.

Also, don’t overlook good nutrition.


sigh… yeah, im 14 and already blown my shoulder :frowning: