Hello All!

I am in my senior year of college ball and am looking for all types of information. I have checked this website for probably the last 2 years or so and I have finally decided to become part of the discussion community. for the past 3 years i have heard many things, done many workouts and thrown my fair share of long toss and mechanical work. i guess what i am trying to get at is i did not join this forum to find some “magic bullet” or quick fix that will turn me into a number one prospect over night, i want to see results and i am excited about hearing from as many people as possible. since i have seen some people describe themselves, here goes. 6FT 190 RHP 3/4 ARM SLOT, (delivery is very similar to that of Curt Schilling). FB, CB, SLD, CH, CUT

Welcome. :smiley:

Welcome! Look forward to rading some of your posts