Hello all

Hey been poking around and like what I see here.

Basic info- I’m 22 and recently (a few months ago) my love for the game and art of pitching was reignited. After high school I spent about 4 years away from the game due to a poor experience during my senior year with how my baseball career was progressing.

In the last couple months I have been throwing on my own and working back into throwing shape. When I was 17 I was topping out at 89mph standing 6’2" 155lbs, being a scrawny guy people really got caught off-guard when I fired it in there. I went to a MLB club tryout just recently just to gain a better understanding of where I stood (and hopefully get noticed if I brought some fireballs with me.) Unfortunately I didn’t exactly make it rain out there, topping out at only 85mph despite my current 6’3" 185lb more muscular stature. I’ll be attending another tryout tomorrow for another club, this time more for fun, since I won’t be nearly as nervous and naive about trying out. I’m hoping to work more at this one on focusing on keeping my mechanics solid and seeing if that helps any. (Thinking back to the 10 or so pitches I got on the mound my nerves left me with just blurry faded memory)

Hopefully by spending some time on here and taking the new information I learn and discuss with you fellas, I will be able to get back to where I was in my “prime” and surpass it.

Welcome aboard!

Good to have you in here! There are a ton of pitching tips in here and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of encouragement. Good luck!