Hello all!

Hello all…
Just found this site today and am so far very impressed.
I am a father of an 11 YO baseball lover and I am an assistant Babe Ruth league coach. B has done some pitching the last 2 seasons, but not a whole lot. Being one of the older kids on the team this year it looks as if he will be doing alot more pitching. None of his coaches to date have really done any kind of teaching as far as pitching goes. I figured that I better start doing some research and try to learn what I can so that I can try to teach him.

I feel like I have already learned quite a bit just from touring the site for an hour or so earlier today!! It looks like we have our work cut out for us in getting him squared away, so I am sure I / we will have tons of questions.
Looking forward to jumping into the fray!!


Welcome, Frank!


Unfortunately, knowledgeable youth pitching instruction seems to be rare. Good for you for taking it upon yourself to get educated and give the kids what they need.