Height Measured In Cleats?

My dads friend played minor league ball and he said that in pro ball and even in college that they measure you in your cleats. He also said that if your at the half (6’1.5") that they give you the extra inch (making you 6’2"). So this could end up giving someone an extra two inches onto there real height. Is this true that they do that in pro ball? Or did it just happen to be his particular coach?

Ha, i was wondering about this the other day. I dont know the answer, but it would make sense because the only time it actually matters how tall you are, you’re wearing cleats…

I’ve heard that, too. No personal experience.


It makes sense, afterall we dont play baseball in our barefeet.

However, in my high school we measure without cleats mostly due to the fact that our measurements are made during a sports physical. Could be different for pro though…

no it doesnt make sense to do that. they dont measure footnall players at the combine in cleats. they dont measure basketball players in shoes. why would they measure baseball players in spikes? in all sports they add on a couple inches to height if your short and some weight.