Height Measured In Cleats?

My dads friend played minor league ball and he said that in pro ball and even in college that they measure you in your cleats. He also said that if your at the half (6’1.5") that they give you the extra inch (making you 6’2"). So this could end up giving someone an extra two inches onto there real height. Is this true that they do that in pro ball? Or did it just happen to be his particular coach?

For my stats last year in college they just asked me what i was. But we are D-III so everything doesn’t have to be super official. The scouting report on me says i’m 6-1, 210 lbs thats an inch taller and 10 lbs heavier than i really am. i have not idea how they got the info on the scouting report, but it’s not super far off.

And the reason I know the scouting report on me is that we exchange scouting reports with a few other teams, in our conference, at the end of every spring.