Height Growth and Pitching

i would guess that each inch grown equates to about 3 mph to your fastball, on average. Does anyone have a good way to predict height growth?

Uhh Iā€™d say depends on your age. If your already 6ā€™ and you grow an inch I doubt you will gain 3 MPH. But if your 5ā€™ maybe.

if you have huge feet for your height then you will probably get taller
dont know if you will get more velocity but you will get taller

I always just thought you would be the same height as your close relativs e.g your dad, uncles etc

As a rule 1 ft in stride equates to 3mph in Batters Perceived MPH

That means if :

pitcher A is throwing 75mph but has a stride that is 60 inches
pitcher B is throwing 73 mph but has a stride that is 72 inches in length

  1. The ball will get to the batter quicker by Pitcher B (less time in the air)
  2. Batter has less time in seconds and fractions of a seconds to react to the Ball thrown from Pitcher B

Even if both pitchers there at 75mph, pitcher B would have a huge advantage as the batter has less time to react

Being tall helps, but if you stride to short your hight advantage is negated