Heavy legs, light upper body, what does it mean?


What does, “Lift heay lower body, and light upper body” mean? Does it mean to goes easy when you work upper body? That doesn’t sound right. Shouldn’t you be feeling the burn on your upper body as well as lower? I was just curious b/c i am going to start lifting in 3 weeks when fb ends. I was planning on hitting the lower body and back hard this winter. I will still lift upper, but should i like not be able to do anymore when i’m lifting upper body, or should i go lighter?


I lift upper body and lower body the same. i always try to increase the wieght. There is nothing wrong with lean muscle in the upperbody, you just dont want to be muscle bound and not be able to have the full range of motion of your arm if tha makes sense.


It’s complete nonsense, as you already figured out.


Ok, so pretty much lift hard in everything- just maybe do more leg exercises. Thanks.


generally when you here that saying [quote]“Lift heay lower body, and light upper body”[/quote] people are meaning train to get those legs like big ol’ tree trunks, and keep the upper body nice and lean. Your strong legs are only as good as your strong core and your strong upper body, so full body strength is key.