Heavy fastball?

i was told alot by coaches, catchers, and teams i go against (i do like to ask about my pitching to other teams) that i have a heavy fastball. my catcher says my fastball has a solid pounding when it hits his glove. some hitters say they can get all on the ball and not take it very far.

my questions are …

1 is a heavy fastball more effective than a blazing fastball
2 is that normal?

our league uses major league baseballs which are lighter than some other leagues i play in so i figure the weight of the ball has nothing to do with it.

I know brad penny has a heavy fastball. I know it takes practice to get. My opinion correct me if I’m wrong but I think Brad’s velocity is greater then shown
but he releases the ball later so it goes straight and heavy instead of falling like a normal fastball

It’s usually used to describe a great sinker (Brandon Webb) or a 4-seamer with little drop (Matt Cain).

These guys are right. The heavy, usually refers to a late sink the ball has, resulting in hitters not hitting it squarely…usually on the top half of the ball.

A good way to see if your ball is “heavy” is to see your flyball to ground ball ratio. A good groundball ratio would be anything over 1.5. That is 1.5 ground balls for every 1 flyball. Click on this link below, and look at the following pitcher’s stats on GO/AO column. Notice who has the best ratio…the guy who keeps the ball down AND throws a nasty sinker. A heavy ball.

then maybe calling it a heavy fastball is not the right word. best way to put it is … 1 pitcher on my team throws 87+ … when is fastball is hit … its hit… i throw 82-85… and i was told its like htting a bowling ball. i have no idea what it is but i would like to gain speed and keep it “heavy.”

is it something i might be doing? or its just something that happens natural?

A heavy fastball is very good, especially inside to a hitter. Sergio Mitre of the Florida Marlins throws a heavy, sinking fastball that’s the reason he’s in the big leagues. Very effective. Doesn’t give up a lot of solid hits, which is key.

Hey 3 up/3 down:
I feel the heavy fastball youthrow is a NATURAL thing. I feel it’s caused by your pitching mechanics and I’d leave it alone cause the heavy ball’s a good thing.

I coached quite a few pitchers, and only one had a heavy fastball, and when I’d catch hem in warm-up’s and practice’s it was like catching a ROCK! This was nothing to do with a sinker— it was just the way he threw with his mechanics. Must say too that he was very effective as a pitcher. Bill

thanks Bill…

now when you say it was mechanics im now thinking that since im also working on my mechanics will the “heavy fastball” go away if i start to change what i do? cause my mechanics are somewhat off only because i tend to get more velocity and control when i fall off the mound. every coach is telling me to fix that but i see nothing wrong with it. but when i say fall off i mean taking 3 or 4 steps off to the side. i throw somewhat 3/4 angle and even tho im falling off i still know how to place the ball and its “heavy”

Yea, changing your mechanics might change the ‘heavy fastball’— I’m not positive that it will — but it could. The guy I coached threw a low 3/4, like a 10:00 o’clock position with a lot of wrist snap and as everyone knows wrist snap is important, and part of mechanics.
I gotta ask you though,-- what reason are coach’s telling you to change your mechanics? If you have good control, good speed, and your arm and shoulder don’t hurt , if you field your position good — I’d leave your mechanics alone if I were the coach. Of course with that said, I’ll probably get blasted in this forum by somebody, but remember 3up-- don’t try to copy someone else’s style, if you watch baseball on t.v. you’ll notice every pitcher has their own style— including a style of falling a few steps to the side after release.
It never hurts to listen to advice from coach’s, all have good intent, but in the end sort out all the advice and go with what works for you.
Good Luck;
Bill :slight_smile: