Heavy body

HEY… i had a college game the other day … and everything was just wrong… i had the start. and during warmups my ball was just all over the place… even during the long toss… when i got on the mound it felt like every part of my body weighed 10lbs more… my high leg kick was hard getting up, arm didnt want to move, and my torso didnt want to turn. in result 4 walks in 2 innings 3 hits 2 earned runs 2 hit batters. it was really bad. normally the ball i can feel explode out my hand when i use my hinge to snap down… this time i felt as if i was throwing a weighted ball. the gun was showing 88… but i dont find out what the gun reads until after im done. balls were left up in the zone just embarrassing …

my question is … what was wrong… fatigue? or just not my day?

probably a bit of both

just forget about it and go get em next time

Make sure you get enough sleep every night. It’s gotta be tough in college but sleep helps.