Heavy balls

not being malicious or instigative but rather wanting to learn

using significant weights like a two lb ball does not stress the arm joints? espically valgus stress?

i understand partial movements, but explain the forces acting on the arm?

To understand “stress” on the arm, we need to know a little bit about physics. Simple Newtonian physics gave us one of the most vital equations in the universe: That total force is equivalent to the product of mass and acceleration. Or, as most people know it:

F = MA

Joint torques and loads are far more complex than this (we’ve modeled them in our laboratory, but that’s a future discussion we can have if you like), but the basic principle holds true - total force on the connective tissue (assuming identical throwing mechanics) is equivalent to how heavy the ball weighs times the speed at which you can accelerate the ball.

A simple thought experiment: Do you think you can throw a 2 lb. baseball as fast as you can throw a 5 oz regulation ball? Of course not. Conversely, do you think you can throw a 3 oz. underweight ball faster than a 5 oz. regulation baseball? Almost certainly.

Total force when you throw a 2 lb. baseball is likely to be LOWER than when you throw a 5 oz. baseball. But peak force may indeed be HIGHER, because acceleration of a ball is not always linear.

There’s two parts to why we use under/overweight baseballs in our facility:

  1. Mechanically, you will change how you throw a baseball. This is desirable because most pitchers have significant flaws that cannot be overcome with simple coaching and video analysis - they need to FEEL what must be done. Appropriately weighted baseballs help to achieve this goal.

  2. The tissues in the arm will become stronger and more responsive to stress based on differing loads on the arm. By varying the implement being thrown, you’ll get a better training effect on the arm.

That’s a pretty simplistic view of it, but I hope this gives you a decent starting place for your research.

as far as what you explain, a lot of care goes into the weighted ball program

granted i have a 2lb plyo ball that i carry just for the placebo effect… and i have tossed it lightly as warmups but never actually used my arm path motion to throw it with meaning

as im sure throwing a 2lb ball full speed is not your goal or interest but rather the path of the arm in throwing and the weight of the ball lets it happen?

We have a 2 lb. iron ball from Frozen Ropes and some of our clients do throw the 2 lb ball at full speed. Wolforth’s guys do the same thing.

I tried the weighted Baseball program when I was rehabing from my surgery I had 3 different weights it helped make my shoulder stronger but I don’t know if I gained any velocity from using them since I was coming back from surgery.

Near the end I was pretty much throwing them at max effort with no problem and like I said it definitely made my shoulder stronger within the joints.

i wonder how my shoulder never hurts but i injured my elbow?? if anything i get sore in my lattimus

my college uses Wolforth’s Athletic Pitcher program. We use 2 lb balls extensively and arm injuries in the program have gone down significantly since its use. I’m a big believer in them