Heavy Ball?

I have been told by several coaches and other players on my team that I throw a heavy ball. I know basically what it is but was wondering if someone could kind of explain it.

your fastball comes in ans sinks giving it a heavy feel. Me being a former catcher i’ve caught 1000’s of fastballs and ive caught one pitcher that his fastball was light but he still threw 80 mph then i’ve caught for a pitcher who’s fastball felt like a ton of bricks hitting my glove and he only threw 70 mph.

The sinking makes the ball feel heavy?
Are you serious?

no thats why they call it heavy. i was just using the story to say how throwing hard doesn’t mean you throw heavy

A heavy ball is a guy who just won’t let a hitter get much loft, mostly having to do with late movement and stays down in the zone or when he comes up it’s in to bat contact (Never clean bat strike)…a sinker baller would seem heavy because everything is beat into the ground. You’ve been up against those guys that you smack what would normally go gap but these guys make it seem impossible to get anything out of the infield.

Actually… I heard Joe Morgan say once that Nolan Ryan threw a LIGHT ball, which is pretty interesting. Then again, I guess Joe Morgan would know considering he’s a second baseman.