Heavy ball vs light ball discussion

I wanted to see if we could get some heavy ball vs light ball discussion. I have always thrown a heavy ball. I had a mid 3/4 arm slot and plenty of movement on my 2 seam fastball. My arm is not as strong as it once was and after about on month I find myself really working on hitting my spots and sinking the ball. I am working on a in-season throwing program from the TuffCuff program as we speak and my arm strength is coming back rapidly.

My question is this. Throwing a heavy ball I have great control. I am within an inch of my spots with my fastball but it is flat with little movement. The two seamer runs down an in a little to a right hander. I move the ball out towards my finger tips a bit and work on pressures and grips and the ball runs like crazy. My control goes away and my velocity jumps significantly. Really a bad combination unless you want to be effectively wild. I have only been pitching for about a month now. I feel like my mechanics and release point are consistent. The arm is coming along nicely. I should add that tendon issues ended my professional attempts. I had the eblow scoped about 12 years ago to clean up the mess. Im in my 30’s now, so pitching is just for fun at this stage.

Thoughts anyone?

I envy your work ethic and dedication! I think it’s just a matter of innings. The more innings you’re able to get here in the next few months (bullpens, games against live hitters, etc.) the quicker you’re start to see some of that come into place. Can you post some video for us to analyze?

I will try to get some video the next time I throw in the bullpen. We have had some weather issues and the last few games have been rained out. Luckily I have a friend on the team that will meet me at the park to continue my throwing program.

I appreciate the vote of confidence. You are probably right about some more innings. The first time I threw I looked terrible, everything hurt, my mechanics were piss poor. I have about half a dozen bullpens under my belt and about 5 innings so far. I get to come in and close since I still throw hard enough to throw it past people. It suits me too, I haven’t lost that competitive drive. Man I have missed that rush

Generally speaking, a “heavy ball” refers to a sinker, and you seem to have a good one there. My advice would be to stick with it, work around with it and refine it.
Jim Brosnan, a very good relief pitcher with the Cincinnati Reds back in the '60s, tells of a time before that when he was with St. Louis, and in a conversation he had with pitching coach Clyde King he mentioned that he was having trouble with both his two-seamer and his four-seamer, neither of which was working for him. King called in a catcher and had Brosnan do some throwing, and then he told him that his two-seamer—the sinker—was working much better for him and that he should stay with it and work with a sinker-slider combination and lose that four-seamer which had been getting away from him.
Years ago I saw Spud Chandler pitch for the Yankees. He had an absolutely devastating sinker, “a very heavy ball” as Ted Williams described it, and he won a whole slew of games with that pitch and the slider which he teamed up with it. So you would do well to stick with that sinker and use it for all it’s worth. :slight_smile: 8)