Heating the arm

how do you guys feel about heating the arm with a heating pad after you pitch or when its sore?

I usually just ice and stretch my arm, but heating would probably relax the muscles and alleviate some pain.

the general rule of thumb is to ice it for the first 24 hours after throwing.
the prevents swelling and takes the edge off pain, but it also causes constriction and tightness.
these rule has always been 20/30 minutes on, then off.
but you can alternate that all 24 hours.

once that passes, you can switch to heat and stretching,

I do ice my arm, but once it gets stiff, I use IcyHot. It works pretty good.

Honestly, I think all that stuff is garbage… Icy Hot, Ice, Heat Packs, it’s all bologna. What happened to working hard, rotator cuff excercises, running, stretching, weight training, and maybe a couple advil if your sore?

I prefer to let the body heat the arm with some form of intense running or something.

“What hammer said.”

The point of heat/cold therapy is to increase bloodflow to the specific area of the body. I don’t recommend ice (neither does Steven), but if you must, I would follow ASMI’s recommendations of 15 minutes max on the elbow and 20 minutes max on the shoulder, ideally in combination with a stationary bike/elliptical trainer or running.

What rotator cuff excersises and weight training do you do the day you pitch when your arm is stiff?

I believe that some form of light cardio (jogging, exercise bike, etc.) would be better because it would promote better blood flow and that’s what aids recovery because blood flow brings nutrients to the arm.

Ice really should only be used to reduce swelling. I know many use it because it feels better or, as was already mentioned, to take the edge off some pain. But you you’re having regular pain to the point that you feel you need to ice regularly or take Advil regularly, then maybe you’ve got something else going on that needs to be looked at (e.g. mechanics or a lingering injury).


i do some icing immediately after pitching just to stave off the pain that i know is coming. But I use heat prior to any pitching (pens, starts,) to get the blood flowing and loosen it up