Before i pitch or even throw i heat my arm up with heat pads, along with the stretching and natural heating. Is this really beneficial or just something you can do?

It’s fine, I guess … but I never liked to have “crutches” in anything I did. In other words, what if you don’t have a heat pack one game? Will you have a bad game because up to that point you’ve been mentally dependent on a heat pack before you pitch? And now that you don’t have one, it messes up your routine and affects your performance?

It’s essential to have routines … but I think some that depend on outside resources (heat packs, gotta drink a Red Bull, etc.) can actually be detrimental. What if you plain just can find that resource some game day?

So to me, you don’t need it if you’re jogging, doing some light sprints, bounding, hopping, butt kicks, high knees, etc., and warming up your arm properly.

Make sense? It’s hard to explain!

I kind of have to agree with Steven, Personally I like to warm by jogging, doing light sprints, high knees, butt kicks, etc. Depending on your mind set you may be okay if maybe one day you don’t have a heat pad before you throw, but a lot of people get it set in their head that without it they can’t be successful.

I don’t know if a heat pad would present any problems but I always try to avoid anything artificial on my arm or body when I’m about to perform anything physical. I always say if my body is hurting then I need to know about it, but I’m not real sure if this would apply to a heat pad.

But I would pretty much say this is just something you can do and I’m sure you’re not the only person who does it. I guess if you’ve never had any problems then there is no reason to stop.

You need to warm up your whole body - not just the arm. So, like others have said, do a good dynamic warm-up to get the blood flowing and raise your body temperature.

if you’re going to do it, you need to have your stuff. it will not hurt you if that’s what you’re asking. koufax applied capsulin (the strongest form of atomic balm know to man) from his wrist to the small of his back and threw in sleeves. roger clemns put so much on he had to be dusted with baby powder to get his sleeves on. he reapplied and changes sleeves every inning (changing sleeves between innings is common practice in the big leagues. clemens also put extremely strong atomic balm on his manly parts before going out to warm up before a game (see torre’s book).

everybody is different, but get a routine and stick to it.