Heat Pitcher, Junk Pitcher?


What would you rather have pitching opening day for your high school varsity, a guy throwing 85-90, or a guy with three sick breaking balls?


Neither. I would want a combination of the two. I would want a guy throwing 85 with 2 good breaking balls that throws STRIKES.


Knuckleballs, self explanitory.


if both are throwing strikes, the one throwing the gas no doubt about it. throwing low 90s in high school doesnt get touched to often.


That’s the key though, you have got to make sure you can throw strikes with whatever it is, a knuck, off-speed stuff or heat.


Right you are, pustulio! As I have said so many times, the best pitch in baseball is strike one, and when you follow that up with a couple of more strikes—regardless of repertoire—you’re on your way to a winning game, and a winning season. If I were a coach or manager I would prefer to have a pitcher who’s a combination of heat thrower and junkball pitcher—someone like Allie Reynolds, who pitched for the Yankees for a number of years, He was a power pitcher with finesse, and when he was on, no one could touch him. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:


Yeah Zita I’ve seen it a lot with my team, I remember last year we had one or two pitchers that would rack up walk after walk after walk and not only does that add baserunners but it luls the fielders to sleep and makes it harder for them to make plays. Then we had one or two guys with mediocre stuff but they threw strikes and won games.


Remember as a pitcher, guys with the bats always seem to manage to get on base sometimes (through no fault of ours-of course!LOL).

Catching a good breaking ball is tuff, catching 3 different ones multiplys the problem! This is the reason that guys add the slider. Its a breaking pitch that can be thrown at speed and is easy to catch!

A guy with good heat and a short delivery can keep runners honest. If the guy with the breaking ball is going to effective, he has to throw his breaking pitches. This means more lead, slower to the plate, more problem to catch.

Many coaches (especially high school coaches) are paraniod about being stolen blind. If the cathcers arm is average or worse they get even more paranoid!Sometimes it not all getting about the batter…Ian