Healthy Elbow


I’m working with a very promising young pitcher this offseason and he is starting to throw more after a 4 month break. He is having a popping sensation in his throwing elbow, right between the joint on the inside of his elbow (humorous and radius).

Now he’s telling me that there is no pain, no burning, pinching, pulling, but it’s like a cracking in your knuckles. However, it’s happening more often than not.

Just wanting to find out if anyone had an idea of what this could be. He’s 16 yrs old and is 6’3" 180.

I had him start a forearm and tricep routine to help build up strength and protect the UCL.

Please reply with any thoughts or opinions.



Don’t guess with elbows. If it was my son he’d go straight to an orthopedist trained in sports medicine.