Healthy Breakfast

I was wanting to start eating a healthier breakfast, but I don’t really know what to eat. I was looking on the internet, but a lot of the stuff is about weight loss, and I don’t want that because I don’t want to lose weight. I was wondering if a big breakfast at IHOP full of meat would be good or bad.

…bad. Most breakfast meat is just saturated in salt and has a ton of fat. Pork is generally not a great choice as far as meat is concerned.

Here is my version of a healthy breakfast:
3 Egg Whites + 2 whole eggs (scrambled or in an omelette)
1 piece whole grain toast
Cottage Cheese or milk

The fruit and toast will provide immediate energy (carbs) while the egg whites and dairy will provide more sustained energy that will last you up until your next meal. Oatmeal is also a healthy option for breakfast and it is extremely quick to make.

kc got it… If you do choose to go for some sausage or bacon go with turkey.
As far as everything else goes, good some good simple and complex carbs and plenty of protein and you will be good to go!