Head tilt (bad mechanics?)


Thoughts on this pitchers head tilt (just found the pic don’t know who he is). Bad mechanics?


Not saying everyone (or anyone) can emulate Lincecum’s mechanics without injury, but he’s definitely one that comes to mind considering head tilt.


It’s not the head tilt that concerns me as much as the eyes going away from the mitt.


Head tilt is a byproduct of shoulder/trunk tilt.


It depends on what you do with it some. If the player is pulling with the head so that the head is not perpendicular to the shoulders it can lower the slot. It is often associated with opening the shoulders too early and dragging the arm through the slot. If the head remains perpendicular to the shoulders it doesn’t have much impact in my opinion. If you are trying to get to the next level, no pitching coach likes to see it. However, if you throw 95 mph and hit your spots it will probably work out for you. :grinning:


Not sure if this works on anyone else but me (because I’m old and inflexible), but try this:

  1. keep your head perpendicular to your shoulders.
  2. raise your throwing arm straight out in front of you - palm down (basically your release point)
  3. cock your head to your glove side until you feel a stretch in your neck.
  4. now raise your throwing arm until the stretch goes away or is lessened.

that is pretty much how much your release point is affected by that amount of head tilt.