Head Still, Looking at Target


I have this problem. I have been doing this my whole life so its hard to break a bad habit. I pick up the target when I take the mound, but as I wind up I don’t pick up the target and let it fly. I did this my whole high school career, and somehow had decent stats. I basically just hoped the ball went into the strike zone. Now that I’m in college, and playing college ball, I need to spot up and hit the strike zone consistently. My control has improved much, but I’m still struggling to keep my eyes on the target the whole delivery. Right when I’m about to release the ball I lose sight of my target. I can usually hit my spot when doing this, but not enough. Plus I know this is not the right way. If I were to keep my eyes on the target all the way through my motion, I’m positive my control would be much better. Any tips, or anyone else have this problem?


I don’t keep my eyes on the target the entire motion. I find it easier to pick up the target late for me. When I laser focus on the mitt I tend to fly open, aim the ball and lose some intent. I would say to do what works for you, instead of worrying about what is supposedly the “right” way. If you personally throw noticeably better when you keep your focus on the target the entire motion, then work on repeating that every throw. Work it into your routine and throwing drills. Eventually it will become second nature.


I used to do the same thing, I have my eyes on the target but then my head moves away then back to the target. This might or might not help but how I fixed this, I extended my glove hand more.

Without showing a video, my glove hand goes through a swim motion with my palm/inside of the glove facing down at home plate and as soon as my glove hand is in front of home plate slightly bent, I tuck my glove in. The glove hand truly makes a large difference, at least for me anyhow.