Head protection

Saw this and thinking about getting it for my son. Everytime a ball is hit back at him I hold my breath.


I saw that a couple of years ago. I was thinking of getting it as well. The caps in our league are not fitted, but it should still work. Anyone tried this?

Interesting idea. Frankly, Im surprised it took so long. It makes sense, it really does.
I was at a travel ball tournament this past summer. The field was next to the field my kid was playing on had a game going on for 15u or 14u kids. Kid took a linedrive right in the face. That was the scariest thing I have ever seen on a field. Knocked out on contact, straight down and into convulsions.
After a couple of minutes he regained consciousness and was eventually transported via ambulance to the emergency room. That was something that stayed with me for awhile.
If someone is a minor playing this or any sport safety needs to be the first concern. Macho traditions be damned. With this device it doesnt seem to be really intrusive at all. I like it.